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Crow Sits On Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah’s Car, Govt Buys Him New Fortuner Worth Rs 35 Lakh.

The State Government has purchased a new SUV for Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. The new SUV has come after a baby crow sitting on the bonnet of the car.

It was reported that a crow perched itself on Siddaramaiah’s official car. The crow refused to budge, and had to be physically moved or removed. After few weeks later when a new car was ordered. The chief minister though, clearing the air off the camera, said that the new car was bought because the old one needed repairs.

Source: indiatoday.intoday.in


The chief minister’s office have said that there was a proposal to buy a new Toyota Fortuner two months ago and it was incidental that the crow sat on the old car. The chief minister’s office have also said under anonymity that the car had run more than 2 lakh kms and developed technical snags. But many believe that it was the crow that drew away the old car.

The video footage had gone viral in all regional television channels, with astrologers on the panel advising Siddaramaiah to change his car. They said that he might face problems from the Lord Shani who is mounted on a crow, which is termed as a ‘Shani Vahana’.

Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah was forced to purchase a new SUV after a crow sat on the bonnet of his Fortuner car.

The statement by CM House claims that the car was changed because of several scratches on it and that it has been sent for servicing. The new Toyota Fortuner worth Rs 35 Lakh is registered in the name of Transport Department of the state.

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