A couple from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh were so desperate to have a baby boy after their 18-month-old son died. The couple was having four daughters and he wanted a boy so the couple visited a spiritual doctor and exorcist, Vriksh pal. Vriksh Pal who is 50 advised them to sacrifice a girl to get a healthy baby boy.

Satish Singh 35, and wife Namita Singh 30 kidnapped their neighbor’s 4-year-old daughter and cut off her arm, leg and ear before cutting her throat. The couple took the help of Namita’s father, Kabool Singh who is 60 years old. Three of them kidnapped Akshita a little girl on 1st October.

Desperate For A Son, A Couple In UP Kills Neighbour’s 4-Year-Old Daughter

Before killing the little girl, Satish Singh performed some ritual on her. Singh killed her by slashing her throat with a knife.

Mahavir Singh, Akshita’s father who is 35 years old, filed a missing report with a local police. After four days, when he was working in the field near his house he found body parts wrapped in a cloth. Later it was confirmed that it’s his daughter.

The Superintendent of Police Prabal Pratap Singh said the couple killed the little innocent girl just for their superstitious beliefs.

The Priest told Satish that he needs to sacrifice a girl to have a baby boy. After killing the girl he needs to keep the body at the place where her parents can easily find her. Satish mutilated the body and cut her throat before keeping the body near her house.

The police have arrested Vriksh Pal and Satish while Kabool Singh and Namita are missing.  They have also recovered the weapons from the accused which he used in the crime.’

As per the post-mortem report, the girl died of severe injuries. The police teams have been placed to find Namita and her father Kabool. A Police have kept an offer for Rs. 10,000 for anyone who is connected to their whereabouts.

In many parts of India, having sons over daughters is a major problem.

There are no words to describe this incident!!!

RIP Akshita a little kid!