Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Corrections Policy

Media Culture Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “The Youth Magazine” / “We” / “Us” / “Our”) would like to inform you, despite having a strict policy to ensures our editorial rights and the integrity of journalism, sometimes we get something wrong. If we discover a mistake in a story, our editors will promptly issue a correction that removes the inaccurate information and adds a notice of correction that explains the error.

The Youth Magazine is dedicated to informing its readers when it has made a mistake (however big or small), and providing the correct information as soon as the mistake is brought to attention. When an error is detected within an article, The Youth Magazine immediately works to find the correct information and clearly display the corrections wherever possible within the article. The corrections will include:

  • The correct information.
  • Mentioning that the originally published was incorrect.
  • The date when the change took place.
  • Sharing the updates on every global platform where the post was shared by our team.

Corrections Policy:

If we are substantively correcting an article, photo caption, headline, graphic, video, or other material, We promptly publish a correction explaining the need for the said change.

Once the correction has been made, a notice of the correction will be sent to all global editions.

Removal will never be in the direction of or be influenced by, our advertisers.

We may remove content if we believe it violates any third-party rights, or breaches any applicable law or regulation.

Reporting inaccuracies

If you believe a story we have published is inaccurate, please contact us via the ‘Suggest A Correction’ section that appears at the end of the webpage or you can mail us at [email protected]

Takedown requests

When We publish publicly available personal data, We only review takedown requests if the person involved is under threat of physical harm because of the existence of such material.

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