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Controversy Queen Rakhi Sawant’s ‘Modi Dress’ Is Breaking The Internet

Rakhi Sawant, who was attending the pre-Independence Day party in Chicago, USA, was seen wearing a sexy little black printed with pictures of Narendra Modi. The pictures posted online have gone viral on social media.

Besides the tiny headshots of the PM, the worst part seems to be the PM’s figure that’s placed strategically enough for his hand to land right on Rakhi‘s bust. And behind, Rakhi Sawant’s butt bears another image of Modi with the Prime Minister seemingly giving the actress’ booty a first class rating with his gestures.

Rakhi Sawant posted pictures of her wearing the ‘Modi dress’ on Instagram.



According to a report on India.com, an FIA Chicago Trustee Mr Shareef was upset about Sawant’s attire and said, “I’m sure the Consulate General will take action on this since he has always been very particular about the roles and there is an official code of ethics. I am demanding the Consulate should take action on this, having the Prime Minister’s picture on your body in a half dress in this way just unacceptable.”

Rakhi Sawant said she is very patriotic and is expressing through her dress, She was also seen Dancing in the pre-Independence Day party in Chicago.

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