Chhattisgarh IAS officer Dr Jagdish Sonkar gets slammed when the picture of him standing arrogantly with his left foot on steel rail of a patient’s bed was snapped. Dr Jagdish Sonkar was visiting malnourished children at a government hospital in Chhattisgarh. The incident happened at a local government hospital where he had gone for a routine inspection. While speaking to a mother of a malnourished child, he put his leg on the steel frame of the bed and hit the fame button.

The photo made its way on to the internet and the officer, who is the sub-divisional magistrate of Ramanujganj in Balrampur district, was slammed by Twitterati for his treatment of the poor. The hashtag #JagdishSonkar also began trending nationwide. Furthermore, netizens even rechristened the IAS as ‘India’s Arrogant Service’.

Sonkar told The Hindustan Times that his action was unintentional and avoidable. But he said he had gone to the hospital with a good intention and examined some patients as well. His explanation did not wash with the chief minister Raman Singh who said he will ask the chief secretary to teach him manners.

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