In a girls life, there are few days which are really special for her. A propose day is equal to her wedding day, and these two days are so special that she can’t forget in her life. We have heard Love is Blind but now you know Love is Expensive too?

A young video game designer from Shenzen, China has shocked everyone by proposing her girlfriend in a different way. Recently, Chen Ming bought 25 brand new iPhone X phones and arranged them in a heart shape to propose his girlfriend.

To make this marriage proposal successful, Chen Ming pre-ordered 25 iPhone X. Then iPhone X was officially launched in China on 3rd November. After he got all the phones, he arranged them in a heart shape and decorated it with a lot of rose petals. And in the middle, Chen kept an engagement ring. To make sure that his girlfriend doesn’t get anything about this surprise, Chen Ming took his friends’ help and asked them to bring her to the place of a proposal.

The girl’s name in only Lee. At the time Lee arrived and saw the gorgeous display of luxury phones, Chen went down on his knee holding an engagement ring. By seeing all this, Lee was touched by the romantic gesture. She didn’t think anything and just accepted his marriage proposal.

If you are thinking why did Chen Ming choose iPhone X to propose his girlfriend? Then we tell you that both of them are big fans of mobile video games. They met two years ago through a game. Chen developed and gaming is a big part of their relationship from first. Chen bought 25 iPhone Xs because the age of Lee is 25.

So lucky is the bride to be LEE. Now as everyone knows for one person 25 iPhone X is too much, so what they did with other phones will make you happy. Lee and Chen decided to gift other phones to their friends who helped them for this unique proposal.

Man Proposes to Girlfriend with 25 Brand New iPhone Xs. He Arranged all the phones in a heart shape with rose petals and an engagement ring in the middle.

The pictures of the romantic iPhone X decorated with rose petals went viral on the Internet. Prices for the iPhone X start at 8,388 yuan in mainland China, which means Chen must have spent at least 210,000 yuan ($31,500) on them.

Chen Ming is lucky that his girlfriend accepted his proposal. Three years ago, another Chinese man spent nearly $100,000 on a stack of iPhone 6 phones went down because his girlfriend wanted a diamond ring.

Such A Sweet Marriage Proposal.