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Check out These Chor Bazaars Across India Where You Buy Almost Anything At Unbelievable Prices.

Do you like shopping? Are you sad that the sale season has just ended and you still feel like splurging?…

By Administrator in Travel Viral on March 10, 2017

Do you like shopping? Are you sad that the sale season has just ended and you still feel like splurging? Well, for shoppers like you, the Indian Chor Bazaar’s are an ultimate delight. These bazaars are packed with almost everything that you can ever think of right from antique furniture and electronic gadgets to first-hand copies of clothes, bags, and shoes.

Chor Bazaar of India is a type of flea markets where you can purchase absolutely anything from clothes, to furniture to car accessories, first copy products of branded things at a throwaway price.

This would be enough to excite you, but to add to your amazement, let me tell you Chor Bazaars are not only unique to India. These markets not only sell stolen products but also hoard rejected and surplus lots from vendors. Hop on to learn about the Top Chor Bazaars of India and the amazing products that they offer.

1. Mutton Street, Mumbai

This is the most famous and best Chor Bazaars of India that has been flourishing since 150 years. This Mutton Street Bazaar in Mumbai is the shopper’s paradise and here you can shop almost all luxury brand first-copies at dirt cheap prices.


2. Chandani Chowk, Delhi

One of the oldest markets, this Chor Bazaar in Old Delhi throbbing in the lost lanes of Chandani Chowk, just behind the glorious Red Fort is definitely going to be your happy zone. Buy products from all international brands like Clarke’s, Steve Madden and Louis Vuitton at hard-to-believe prices.


3. Soti Gunj, Uttar Pradesh

This is a must-visit for automobiles freak who love nothing more than their roaring machines. This Bazaar in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh is infamously known for stolen automobile gears and accessories. Any spare part right from old-fashioned Maruti 800 to Rolls Royce can be found here at easy bargaining prices.

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4. Chickpet Market, Bengaluru

Even when it comes to housing Chor Bazaars, Bengaluru is not behind the metropolitan cities. Head to the Chickpet Market to get your hands on amazing antiques stuffs and artificial jewelry at (un)reasonably cheap prices.


5. Pudupet Market, Chennai

Pudupet Market is a shopping wonderland for car fanatics. All modifying parts and car accessories can be found here at very low prices. The centralized location of this market makes it an easy access for hard-core shoppers.

Chennai chor bazaar

Chor Bazaar’s Of India, can be one of the most interesting places to explore.

Chor Bazaar was initially known as ‘Shor Bazaar’ but when the Britishers started pronouncing it incorrectly as ‘Chor Bazaar’ it retained and lived up to its name since then. Just ensure to hone your bargaining skills before you visit these biggest Chor Bazaars of India. Happy Shopping!
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