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Check Out Hrithik Roshan’s New Luxurious Apartment

Hrithik Roshan shifted to his new sea-facing bachelor pad in Juhu. The house is full of graffiti and portraits of his kids Hridhaan and Hrehaan. Architect Ashiesh Shah, who has designed Hrithik’s home and also designed Katrina Kaif’s home in Bandra, Mumbai. It is said that Hrithik was so impressed with his co-star’s abode that he decided to give the responsibility of his new home to the very same architect.

Hrithik Roshan apartment in Juhu, Mumbai, is inspired by the sea, his travels and family.

Ashiesh Shah told an entertainment portal, “Hrithik called me and said he’d seen Katrina Kaif’s new home in Bandra (which I’d done) and loved it. He said he wanted that vibe too. I got to work. We went about part by part, we did a few changes, we reoriented a few things and then we started working on the lifestyle aspect… How he would actually live in the space.”

Here’s a look at the inside pics of Hrithik’s luxurious apartment:

Source: vogue

The living room features family photos –

Source: vogue

The dining room –

Source: vogue

Kid’s playing room –

Source: vogue

The sea view rooftop –

Source: vogue

Hrithik Roshan has said in an interview with Casa Vogue “Building this home was really about discovering myself. I wanted to explore what would manifest on the outside if I go purely by what I felt inside.”

According to BollywoodLife.com, Hrithik was inspired by Katrina’s new house and he loved the vibe of it so much that Ashiesh Shah, who did the interiors for Katrina was put on job by Hrithik Roshan as well.

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