CEO of Vu television, Devita Saraf, trolled on Twitter for congratulating Donald Trump.

The CEO of Vu Television, Devita Saraf in January 2016 Saraf was to referred as India’s “Model CEO,” a term that appears to have made it to her Twitter bio as well. She posted a full page ad in Times of India on Friday, 20 January 2017, in which it was seen, she congratulating Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America. Now after she posted a picture congratulating the President of the US is getting trolled on Twitter for showing a lot of interest and bootlicking.
In the picture in a daily, Devita Saraf is seen posing for the camera with President Donald Trump, who is yet to be sworn in as the President of US in the inauguration ceremony that has been scheduled for noon, January 20.
Trump’s nickname for Saraf is disconcerting, as he has previously said that he would date his own daughter, Ivanka if they were not related to each other. The problematic comparison with Ivanka did not go unnoticed on Twitter. Saraf also engaged in the trolls and found that Trump was a great dad when someone asked er that it is ok for a father to date his daughter Ivanka. There were many who were quick to question the advertisement.

Here is now Davita Saraf was trolled:

And while any publicity may be good publicity for her or his own self, but it’s hard to see this incident affecting Devita Saraf’s image in a positive way.

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