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CCTV FOOTAGE of a Trained Monkey Robbed Rs.10,000/- From A Jewellery Shop In Andhra Pradesh!

A monkey thief was recently caught on camera stealing money from a cash box of a jewellery store in Andhra Pradesh’s…

By Administrator in Viral on June 6, 2016

monkey thief was recently caught on camera stealing money from a cash box of a jewellery store in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur district. The video has gone viral on social media since the monkey fled from the shop with a bundle of cash worth Rs 10,000. The monkey was caught on CCTV pushing open the shop door and heading straight for the money, before making a dash for freedom with a wad of cash. Staff at the jewellery store say the monkey had been hanging around outside the shop before the robbery.

A jewellery shop owner said: “The monkey threw a guava inside the shop and then entered the jewellery store and fled away with the cash. We threw the fruit back but it entered the shop anyway. It first attacked the worker but he escaped. It sat for almost 20 minutes in the store and then it opened the drawer in the cash counter and took away Rs. 10,000 cash.”

It was seen opening one of the drawers which happened to be the cash drawer and randomly picked up a bundle of Rs. 10,000. It is stubborn, fights off a man with a stick, makes random attacks, accepts food, but stays put. Towards the end of the 30 minute footage it opens the cash drawer, grabs a bundle of notes  and runs out. The staffs present at the shop were shocked to see the incident.

There have been earlier incidents of such thefts in which monkeys were reportedly involved in ‘stealing’ money from people in markets and temples. A temple in Vrindavan had money falling from the skies. It was no miracle though, it was discovered that a monkey had grabbed a devotee’s purse and was ‘raining’ money. Reportedly, in another incident, a resident of Borivali in Mumbai had just finished offering prayers at the Banke Bihari temple when a simian snatched her purse. It then sat and managed to unbundle a few notes, which it then flung in the air.

A monkey has been caught on camera robbing Rs 10,000 from a  jewellery shop in Andhra Pradesh.

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