CCTV footage have captured the moment when a 32-year old man was hit by a Mercedes with a Class teen age boy behind the wheel. Sidharth Sharma, realizing that the car was not slowing down, tried to get out of the way but didn’t stand a chance.

The family of 32-year-old Siddharth Sharma has released the footage of Monday’s hit-and-run in Delhi. Sharma, was crossing the road, when a speeding Mercedes hit him and flung him several feet into the air. The car which came at a speed of around 100 km/h was allegedly driven by a 17 year old student, the boy was out with his friends. After the accident, the car came went over a pavement and stopped as it’s front tyre gave way.

The accused, 17 year old boy, was in the car with his friends celebrating the end of their Class 12 exams. They abandoned the car immediately after it stopped, but were caught.

His father has now been charged but not arrested, the charge allowing a minor to drive  is bailable. Sharma’s friends and relatives held a candle-light march demanding stricter punishment for the accused. Siddharth’s father has also accused the police of going slow and taking action more than 24 hours after his son was killed.

Within 7 hours of getting caught, the boy was released on bail. Police have charged his father with ‘allowing minor to drive’. But, that too is bailable.

Sharma’s grieving father was further distraught after he learnt that the accused was let go.