Unprecedented News: CBSE Class 12th Paper is the Talk of the Town and students were completely shattered after having a glance at the Maths Paper and few say it was a complete Nightmare. Nervousness has reached the peak and it’s voice is being echoed by a lot of people so much so, that the board and even PMO’s Facebook page are being flooded complaints about the nature of the question. It’s in the news for all the wrong reasons. Immediately after the exam students had complained that the paper was very tough

It created all time history, the question paper even came up for discussion in the Parliament after reports of it being leaked before the exam.

According to a CBSE official, the subject committee, which includes a subject expert, curriculum expert and representatives from the board, will take corrective measures and prepare a marking scheme before the evaluation starts. A copy of this will be sent to all checking centers based on which students will be scored.

“Usually, the board first sends feedback of the question paper they get from the subject teachers, principals and students to the committee. The committee then reviews, sets and finalises the marking scheme for that particular paper, taking the feedback into account,” said LV Sehgal, principal, Bal Bharti School.

Any way we got our hands on the question paper just to get a feel of how it was.

Turns out, one cannot blame the poor students and parents for the amount of complaints that they have raised. It was super tough to be honest.

Please check the question paper that took the students aback and created unrest in the parliament too. Try and resolve and do share your opinion.






Students across the country went into panic mode after giving the exam on Monday, claiming the paper was tough and lengthy, and demanded that the board address their concerns. By Tuesday, more than 200 petitions had been filed on Change.org, some asking for a retest.

I have never ever ever solved such a paper. Keep commenting if you did in your Class 12th CBSE Maths Paper.