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    Here are 7 Reasons Why Traveling Alone Can Be Good And A Bad Thing Both!

    Traveling alone can be equated to an adventurous experience in the wanderlust. There are people who prefer traveling in groups while some love to enjoy their self-company. In the present times, getting friends along for a trip is a next-to-impossible task. Traveling solo gives you an opportunity for self-analysis and you get some extra time […]

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    These 7 places in India are must-visit for all Shopaholics [Updated]

    India being a land of diversified cultural backgrounds is a paradise for shoppers. Shopping in India is not just limited to malls, there are plenty of local outlets that showcase unique pieces of arts and crafts. These iconic and eccentric bazaars give you the real feel of India, and things you will buy here are […]

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    Here Are Top 10 Cities To Live In Around The World

    Which city is the best to live in the world? What is the reason that makes any city most liveable. Well, the answers to these two questions are interlinked. There are specific criteria that justify the ranking of the best cities to live in around the world. These factors include political environment, economic growth, infrastructure, […]

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    Here are 7 Places In India That Foreigners Are Craziest About

    The tourism industry India is rapidly booming and India has emerged to become the most preferred holiday destination for foreign tourists. The Indian sub-continent is bestowed with pristine beaches, lush green landscapes, gigantic mountains and spectacular wildlife, aptly describing it as wanderlust. What’s more holidaying in India is relaxing, pleasant and super affordable. Take a look […]

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    This is How Much a Ticket of Maharaja Express Costs

    The extravagance of train journey has been redefined with the advent of Maharaja Express in the year 2010. On board the travellers get a sneak-peek into the lavishness of the Indian royalty. Maharaja Express takes you on a journey to discover some of the most amazing destinations and heritage spots through its operational five circuits. […]

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    This is How it Feels to Travel in Maharaja Express

    Maharaja Express is one-of-its-kind luxury trains of India that promises an enchanting and extravagant travel experiences to travelers. The journey of giving a palatial experience on wheels started in the year 2010, and since then Maharaja Express has won countless accolades and awards for its world-class services and hospitality. It even bagged the title of […]

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    5 Places in India That Are as Much Fun as GOA

    Goa with its pristine beaches, thrilling water-sports and fabulous nightclubs and parties is a paradise for travelers. The place has become overly crowded in the recent years. So if you want to discover places that offer the same amount of fun and excitement as Goa, but still remain unexplored, you have just come to the […]

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    These Gurudwara in Mumbai Are a Must Visit For Everyone

    Gurudwaras are mainly the worship place for Sikhs but it is one place where people of all caste and creed are welcomed wholeheartedly. Spread in vast property and amidst quaint locations, these peaceful structures offer you serenity from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Even not being a follower of Sikhism, it gives me […]