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    11-year-old girl to swim 570 km from Kanpur to Varanasi for a clean Ganga

    A 11-year old swimmer Shraddha Shukla from Uttar Pradesh is all set to break records by swimming 570 km distance from Kanpur to Varanasi in 10 days, with refreshment and washroom breaks, which is equivalent of 13 Olympic marathons of 42.195km on land. She will be swimming about 60km a day, taking a break every four to […]

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    This is why there are lifeguards in Olympic swimming competitions

    It’s like a joke when you see lifeguards behind world’s top swimmers but lifeguards are important during swimming events as even professional swimmers get injuries or perhaps they are even more prompt to get injured in professional competition than in a casual swim. There are possibilities of debilitating cramps, heart attacks and even head-crunching crashes into the […]