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    5 tips to make your vacation more interesting!

    Vacation is something everyone craves for. Frequent get-away plans are unquestionably astounding, however you pass up a major opportunity for a great deal of things at that point! It is important to settle on choices previously with the goal that you can helpfully make the most of your excursion. So here are 7 hints which […]

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    Here are 5 Tips to be Street Smart in India!

    Street Smart! Many people often mistake it as looking smart while moving in a street. No, my friend. Street smart is about being aware and acquainted with the surroundings you are moving in. India is a diverse nation, and our people are really humble, but there isn’t any assurance that everybody is sweet and humble. […]

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    These 10 qualities tell that you are the best leader!

    A leader is an ideal not only for the organization but, also to the employees, this quotation highlights the prominence of a leader in his/her organization. Every leader has his/her own features and objectives. But, there are certain essentials which exist in leadership, like the most prominent skills, attitudes, and behaviors of the leader. Here […]

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    Here are 10 things every girl must do before she turns 25!

    Girls fantasize a lot about doing crazy things in their lives, It is really good do! But we must just not confine ourselves to dreaming only, we must accomplish those dreams and desires. Living life is more important, and living it on our own terms is something magical. Here are 10 things every woman must […]

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    These 7 signs show that you are an emotionally weak person!

    Being strong means being strong in every aspect physically, mentally, and emotionally. In order to move ahead in life, we have no alternative for being emotionally strong. Emotionally weak people often become the target of every other person. Hence, here are the 7 signs which underline the fact that you are emotionally weak. 1. What […]

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    These 10 hacks will help you look beautiful without makeup!

    Every woman is not fond of putting on makeup. Girls like me look horrible if we put on makeup because we exhibit extremely poor makeup skills. Putting up makeup every day is a huge task to carry out,  and I prefer staying simple and natural (Yes! We do exist.) I would love to share these […]

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    7 traits which portray that you are an independent woman!

    There are some girls who don’t wish for a hero, they have one in themselves. They are not princesses, but the self-crowned queens, with heads, held high, and fire in their eyes. This kind of girls shapes their own destiny and challenges the set conventions. Even the gray world can’t keep them from shining.Here are […]

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    Here are 10 best ways to boost your Mood today!

    The rustic lifestyle has made our life too dull and monotonous. Just like every day cannot be Sunday, nor can you be in the best of your mood every day. There can be many reasons that can set off your mood and leave you feeling too lethargic and exhausted. Are you feeling quite low today? […]

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    These things prove marriage doesn’t mean the end to women career!

    Our society is governed by certain inhibitions and that can sometimes be taxing. Even after all the talks about equal rights for men and women, some section of this elite society doesn’t seem to agree. Women are more often devoid of basic fundamental rights and expected to part with their desires for nought. Marriage is […]

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    Here are 10 Popular facts that are actually totally lies.

    Everyone loves to read fun facts, but many of these facts are entirely a myth and are floating around the internet. We usually believe everything that we read or hear. But the reality is, not all familiar saying are true. There are many false facts from history because they are not true and therefore are […]

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    This is How Rich Brats of India Spend Their Money In

    Kids are known for their innocence and simplicity, but definitely not those who will inherit uncounted treasures from their families. The ones who are born with silver spoon in their mouth can give you the most annoying encounters you ever had! With whole lot of money in their hands, these rich Indian brats spend it […]