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  • Here is the reason why I prefer Cross-fit over traditional gyming.

    The fitness industry has plenty of options for all type of body building exercises like toning up, adding muscles, strength training, etc.You could be easily confused by the various procedures circulating the locker room. Forget the old fashioned heavy logs to build muscles, welcome the latest and more structured program called CrossFit. CrossFit provides similar […]

  • Dogs Sleeping

    This is what Dogs dream of while they are sleeping and it’s super adorable!

    An expert says when humans best friends are sleeping they probably dream about their owners. Dr. Deirdre Barrett, a Psychologist at Harvard Medical School recently said that dogs are likely to be dreaming about their owners. The Doctor at Harvard Medical School who had spent years studying sleep behavior in humans has said in a recent interview […]

  • This Is How Tobacco Is Ruining A Girls Beauty & Looks!

    Can you recollect a scene from Al pacino movie and his unique style of holding a cigar in hand? Back in 70’s smoking was considered as a status of symbol or style. With education campaigns and the anti-tobacco laws many countries have reduced cigarette smoking areas in public places. However, this has been compensated with […]

  • Raja Festival In Odisha Broke All The Taboos By Celebrating Woman’s Periods!

    Raja festival in Odisha is celebrating the female biological cycle that is still a taboo across most of the country. The Raja festival (pronounced as Ro-jo), which derives its name from from Rajaswala, is Odisha’s oldest harvest festival that celebrates the natural periods, and finds its genesis in the ritual of the ancient tribes of Bonda, Dharua […]

  • Here Are 10 Desi Coolers That Will Help You Beat The Heat This Summer.

    The heat has already started taking its suffering on the city. With temperatures touching a 40 degrees, everyone’s looking at options to stay cool and hydrated. We give you some refreshing, healthy and natural options; so that as the temperatures around you soar, you can satisfy in some refreshments the healthy way. Here are 10 desi […]

  • Here Are The Top 7 Superfoods for Healthy Hair!

    Both men and women desire to have beautiful, healthy hair, but few are lucky enough to be able to take their hair’s health for granted. Remember that hair is a fast-growing tissue and what you eat can make a huge difference in your hair’s health. It’s important to nourish your hair from within. Protein, which is the […]

  • 6 Best Simple Exercises for Losing Weight.

    Exercises to Lose Weight are an essential part of a healthy weight loss program. And just as eating healthy is essential, it’s important to exercise as well, which is why you need to look for the Top Exercises to Lose Weight. The best exercises will contain a cardio aspect and a toning aspect, as this will allow […]

  • Here Are 5 Secrets To Make You Look Young Forever!

    Wrinkles may look cute on a pug puppy, however on your face, they look just the opposite. Ageing is inevitable, and you are bound to get older as the years pass by. Fortunately, the signs of ageing on skin can be easily controlled or reversed to a certain degree by following a healthy lifestyle. There […]