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  • masala dosa burger

    McDonald’s Is Launching ‘Masala Dosa Burgers’ And It’s Killing Me

    McDonald’s is arranging a breakfast with a marked menu that will include culinary pleasures that range from the interesting ‘Masala Dosa Burgers with molaga podi sauce’ to the well known, Anda Bhurji. The McBreakfast is gone for aimed customers at an early hour in the day with new dishes, some of which might be accessible in […]

  • mangalore fish curry recipe, mangalorean fish curry recipe

    This Is How You Should Make A Mangalorean Fish Curry, Mouthwatering Mangalore Fish Curry For Your Family And Friends

    This Mangalorean Fish Curry Recipe is the best recipe which is loaded with the lots of protein and carbohydrates which provides the complete nutrition and gives your taste buds an orgasm. It is the dish originated from and native to Mangalore in Karnataka and can be prepared with the fish of your choice but generally Mackerel/Bangda […]

  • Here Are 10 Most Amazing Ways To Use Ice Trays.

    When it comes to cooling down a drink, an ice cube is the easy solution. But just because an ice cube tray is technically meant for water, doesn’t mean you can’t use it for other ingredients. Here are some tricks to create eye-catching ice cubes that’ll add a dash of flair to cocktails, iced tea, and water. 1. Yogurt Cube 2. […]

  • Here Are 6 Amazing Places For Street Food In Jaipur.

    The street food of Jaipur is not only loved by the locals but is also popular among the visitors. Peppered with a range of small-in-area but high-on-taste food joints, this vibrant desert city has a lot to offer when it comes to food. From going crazy over the tangy golgappas at Chawla’s and tasting crispy […]

  • Here Are The 10 Different Ways You Can Enjoy Mangoes This Summer!

    Mango lovers look forward to sucking the stringy orange pulp, licking the juice off their fingers or daintily scooping out the flesh with a spoon for the heavenly experience.  Sweet or tangy, ripe or raw, you can’t deny the fact that you simply love mangoes. Check Out 10 Different Ways You Can Enjoy Mangoes This Summer: […]

  • Check Out! 10 Delicious South Indian Dishes!!

    The different regions of India offer their own specialty food dishes. In South India, breakfast items are very popular and some eat it as lunch, dinner or even as a snack. If you’re looking for something simple and speedy, delicious and nutritious breakfast, these dishes are just the ticket for you. Here are our sensational recipes that […]

  • Here Are 5 Secrets To Make You Look Young Forever!

    Wrinkles may look cute on a pug puppy, however on your face, they look just the opposite. Ageing is inevitable, and you are bound to get older as the years pass by. Fortunately, the signs of ageing on skin can be easily controlled or reversed to a certain degree by following a healthy lifestyle. There […]