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Cafe Coffee Day Employee Slaps Customer After He Points Out Cockroaches In Their Fridge

Nikhil Anand Singh, A regular customer of Cafe Coffee Day recently spotted dozens of cockroaches in the refrigerated counter of one of the CCD outlets in Jaipur. As Nikhil saw the unhygienic conditions, he was so shocked and started recording the whole thing as a proof to show it to the Internet world, But everything didn’t go fine for Nikhil as he was Slapped and abused by CCD staff.
While pointing out the unhygienic conditions, the service lady walked over and slapped him as the female staff thought he was harassing her by recording her on camera. As seen in the video, the customer used no foul language and was just pointing out on how the CCD staff was hiding the cockroaches under menu cards and are playing with the health of their customers as this is the same counter where CCD usually stores its food items.

Cafe Coffee Day employee slaps the customer!

Cafe Coffee Day (near Hawa Mahal) employee slaps the customer for showing cockroaches and other bugs inside the fridge. Avoid the outlet and SHARE it with your friends!

Posted by Jaipur on Monday, March 27, 2017

Shame on Cafe Coffee Day for Such Unhygienic conditions, with cockroaches in the fridge.

It is a tendency of a human being when anyone gets caught red handed they react the same way, the customer was taking video for proof and has the absolute right to compliant as this sort of behavior by the staff and unhygienic conditions a brand like CCD are appalling as this is uncalled for behavior and when anyone is trying to prove that you are serving your customer unhygienic food products, he or she dare not be slapped.
After the video on Twitter had started getting viral on the internet, CCD answered on their Facebook page about the issue and wrote –

We are aware of the recent issue at our Cafe Coffee Day outlet in Hawamahal Jaipur. We have escalated this issue and we…

Posted by Cafe Coffee Day on Monday, March 27, 2017

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