As we reported that District Magistrate of Bihar’s Buxar Mukesh Pandey committed suicide on Thursday. Senior IAS officer was found dead near the railway track of Ghaziabad with a suicide note near him.

With a suicide note now we got a video which Mukesh Pandey recorded at Buxar Circuit House in Bihar. In the video, the officer spoke about his life and the problems between his parents and his wife. He even mentioned that his wife also loves him and have different personalities. Pandey lied them about going Delhi to Commit Suicide.

The video clip is of five minutes, he said, his wife and his parents have a continuous fight. And this has made his life difficult. The officer added that there was no other option left and took this huge step.

mukesh pandey

Pandey’s words,”My wife loves me a lot and even I love her. There is a lot of turmoil in my married life. She is an extrovert and has an aggressive personality. I am an introvert and peace loving person.”

He thought of taking the path of spiritualism and social work but did not go as he feels that his life is meaningless. Nobody is blamed for his suicide he says in the video.

Watch the video which Officer DM Mukesh Pandey Shot Before Committing Suicide!

In the suicide note which was found with his body says, Mukesh was fed up with his life and has lost faith in human existence. The Police said when they found the detailed suicide note from the hotel it was written he is upset because of the problems in his married life.

The dead body was found around 8:40 PM near Katgaon. He was identified by the ID Cards from his pocket. The body will be sent to Guwahati where his family is. Before taking his life he had sent messages to his family that he is planning to commit suicide at  Janakpuri District Centre. The Police got the information from his friends that Pandey can commit suicide and has gone Janakpuri District Centre.

The Delhi Police are waiting for the report from their counterpart in Ghaziabad before taking a future course of action.