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BSF jawan’s wife Says: Why my husband Was Given a gun If He’s Unstable.

As we all know about the news of BSF jawan who posted a video on Facebook about the inferior food…

By Administrator in News Viral on January 12, 2017

As we all know about the news of BSF jawan who posted a video on Facebook about the inferior food which was served to them. The video went viral and hit the headlines. After Tej Bahadur Yadav uploaded a video he was given transferred to a plumber’s duty. Now the news is BSF Jawan’s wife has spoken about this topic which is in the headlines, Nowadays.

On Wednesday Tej Bahadur’s wife interacted with timesofindia and spoke out in defense of her Husband. Sharmila Yadav wife of Tej Bahadur Yadav asked, “If my husband was mentally unstable or indisciplined, why was he given a rifle by the BSF to guard the country’s border in crucial areas?”

Shamila Yadav said to timesofinida, “My husband’s problem is that he is in the habit of not tolerating injustice, for which he has suffered during his service tenure”. In just three days more than 90lakh people have watched the video on Internet and around 4 lakh they have shared it on the sites.

Sharmila talked to timesofindia over the phone from Rewari, Haryana. Sharmila said that before entering into BSF her husband has won a gold medal after completing his training. In his 20 years of career 14 awards were given to him by BSF authorities. Sharmila claimed that her husband was punished by BSF in the past just because he spoke the truth. Sharmila asked, “BSF is a disciplined force and in the armed forces even a small mistake is intolerable. If he had such a bad record, why was he retained”.

Sharmila lives with her son Rohit who is 17 years old. Sharmila said her husband wants to continue his duty for more five years in the BSF but the officers forced him to work for free after completing 20 years of his service on January 31. Yadav’s voluntary retirement scheme has been approved.  “My husband had discussed with me many times the poor quality of food served to them but I was stunned when he posted the video. I told him that he may be in trouble.” She said many people had questioned the authenticity of the video and the social media account. “Since I know Tej’s Facebook password, I logged in to clarify that it was genuine account and post.”

Tej Bahadur Yadav’s one brother is also a BSF jawan and his other brothers are in Gujarat police. He is the youngest brother of his five brothers. Yadav’s son completed his 12th exam and is preparing for engineering entrance exams. Sharmila works in a private company.

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