Breaking From Bigg Boss House: Guess Which Team Won The Nomination Task

In weekend ka vaar elimination round Lokesh and Karan Mehra is evicted from Bigg Boss 10. Now, the new week has started and as we all know it’s time for nomination round. This time Housemates got another challenge which is given by Sunny Leone but not by Bigg Boss. As we know Sunny divided the task into two teams with VJ Bani and Lopa as a captain. In Bani’s team Gaurav Chopra, Rahul Dev, Nitibha Kaul and Manveer Gurjar and on another side in Lopamudra’s team Manu Punjabi, Om Swami, Monalisa, and Rohan Mehra are there.

Guess Which Team Won The Nomination Task Given By Sunny Leone

Sunny gave the task to all the housemates through JIO TV and said both the teams have to create a video which includes acting, pole dance and lots more. Sunny even told that they had to create a video which should go viral and whose video will go viral that team will be the winner, and the team who loses will be nominated. And Sunny herself will announce who is the winner. So housemates need to do whatever they can and make a video viral.

So now the point is which team will win the task??  Bani’s or Lopamudra’s team? Can you Guess which team will win and who will directly get nominated? We reveal, which team won the task. It’s none other then Lopamudra’s team who won the task. Yes, Manu Punjabi, Om Swami, Monalisa, Lopa and Rohan Mehra won the task and are safe from the elimination round. On other side MANVEER, GAURAV, RAHUL, NITIBHA, and BANI had lost the task so they are NOMINATED for the elimination round.

BB10 task

Team Lopa Won The Task And Are Safe From Nominations.

Now let’s see in tonight’s episode, how Sunny will announce the results and how Bani’s team react after losing the task and being nominated. Stay tuned with us for more exclusive updates on Bigg Boss 10.

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