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Breaking From Bigg Boss 10 House: Here is the Shocking Fourth Eviction Week!

Finally, the fourth elimination round is here. Weekend ka vaar with Salman Khan has come and we are here with our work of revealing the name of eliminated contestant in this week. We saw how contestants are getting physical during the task and Naveen was badly injured and was taken to the doctor. In last night’s episode, we saw how Salman took the class of everyone especially Karan, Rahul, and Rohan. And he even revealed the truth about the nomination of Lokesh through Karan Mehra.

Now the main thing is the elimination round, Manveer, Navin, Lokesh and Rahul Dev these four contestants are nominated for this week. Last night, Salman announced that Manveer is safe, so now Navin, Lokesh, and Rahul Dev are left and from these 3 anyone will be out of the house tonight. Three weeks have passed and the tension among the housemates is increasing. But as we know no one can be free from elimination and even in this week any one contestant will be eliminated from three who are nominated. Any guesses who is ELIMINATED from the house?  Naveen is eliminated from the house. and luckily, Rahul and Lokesh are saved. The game has just begun, now the game is full of surprises and twists.

Naveen is eliminated from the house in this week!!

In tonight’s episode, we will see a special guest on the show and he is none other than Himesh Reshammiya the singer and actor in Bollywood. The Musical man is all set to come on the show to promote his upcoming music album  ‘Aap se Mausiiquii’.  Himesh will go inside the house and performs like a rockstar, all the housemates tap their feet to his latest track!

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