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Brand names that have become synonymous of the activity in India!

We cannot stop, but be in awe of certain brands that have been a part of our everyday living so…

By Administrator in Viral on February 16, 2017

We cannot stop, but be in awe of certain brands that have been a part of our everyday living so much, that well, we literally encompass the brand name to recognize the activity/category for which they were made.Brands that made it big, brands that rule the world, brands that define the activity! Such is the magnetism generated by certain names.
Well, have a look at such top brands which have clearly made it big!

WhatsApp = Messaging

‘Dude, WhatsApp me when you reach home.’
‘Hey, did you check your WhatsApp?’
‘Alright, will WhatsApp you the details later.’
WhatsApp has become such an integral part of our life that we often tend to forget….oh wait, we’ve already chopped off the word ‘Message’ from our daily language use.


Bisleri = Water

‘One bottle Bisleri, please.’
And the guy at the shop will instantly fish out a bottle of drinking water from his shelf, no matter what the brand is! Just like seen here in the snap! Bisleri = Nuff Said.


Jeep = Open top SUV

Remember the good ‘ol days when you went out for a ride in a jeep? The nostalgia of the iconic brand will never leave us as we still label other open top SUVs as ‘Jeep’.


Xerox = Photocopy

When was the last time you actually said that you want to take out a photocopy? Oh wait. Did I hear it right? Never? I bet, you might have. You might have always chipped in, ‘Let’s take out a XEROX of it’ and your work was done.


CCD = Coffee

CCD has become synonymous for Coffee. ‘Hey, wanna meet at CCD?’ will instantly earn you a status of respecting a polish brand. Plus point: The date will never say ‘No’ even if she/he is not really fond of you. Such is the magnetism generated for the caffeine lovers by CCD.


Google = To search anything on Internet

‘How to do this?’
‘Just Google it!’
‘What does this mean?’
‘Google it.’
‘Google It’ has become a thing for anything that you don’t know. What Cheese is to the Pizza, Google is to the Internet!


Cheers to these brands for making it big enough to be a part of our daily lives!

Long live the brands, long live the popularity.

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