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Brand names that have become synonymous of the activity in India!

When was the last time you actually said that you want to take out a photocopy? Oh, wait. Did I…

By Abhinav D Anand in Viral on April 17, 2019

When was the last time you actually said that you want to take out a photocopy? Oh, wait. Did I hear it right? Never? I bet, you sure did. You might have always chipped in, ‘Let’s take out a XEROX of it’ and your work was done. Such is the history of photocopy machines which were initially sold under the name of ‘Xerox’ that went on to become so popular that the word has been recognized and used universally, axing off the original product name. Such is the influence of brands that define categories.

Other than ‘The Xerox’ that went on to make big in the market, there are many other brands out there which have clearly re-defined the categories, making a suave wave of popularity across the market.

Some of them are Amul, FedEx Courier services, Cadbury Chocolate, Facebook, Kellogs, Colgate, Maggi, Parle-G, Subway, YouTube, Disney, Kleenex, Johnson’s Baby Products, Ray-Ban and the list is endless.

These brands have not made success stories overnight. It was the determination, the dedication, the quality, the consistency and most important above all was the marketing and advertising strategies that made these brands cut a piece of cake for themselves.

The Amul Dairy Cooperative has not only introduced and developed many products along with strong distributorship under its wing but has also devised ad campaigns with an emotional touch, hitting the target audience with its fresh campaigns, tagline, mascot and new schemes. This has helped Amul established as a most popular brand, replacing its former rival, Polson (in the category of butter) in the market.

Starbucks, on the other hand, has become synonymous for Coffee. This statement for a date: ‘Hey, wanna go out for Starbucks?’ will instantly earn you a status of respecting polish brands. Plus point: The date will never say ‘No’ even if she/he is not really fond of you. Such is the magnetism generated for the caffeine lovers by Starbucks.

The brands who made it large and are still breathing the air of success by enjoying a status of their names identified with the categories have done a whole lot of research, analysis, and execution to the cutting-edge level. Their success lies in to maintain consistency and being innovative by identifying customer demands.

Do you aspire to be the one to enjoy such a position? Well, start your homework today!

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