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Bollywood Actress & Politician ‘Gul Panag’ Is Now A Pilot

Women power is now on the go! From being an actor to a politician, a fitness icon to riding a Royal…

By Administrator in Bollywood Gossips on November 15, 2016

Women power is now on the go! From being an actor to a politician, a fitness icon to riding a Royal Enfield on her wedding day, she’s done it all and inspired many.This lady is now a certified pilot. Yes you read it right. On November 10, continuing being her usual awesome self, the actress has procured her licence to fly now.

This actress turned into a politician and has passed all the fears and inhibitions. if we wonder that where this actress was disappeared, now we will get the news that this news was busy learning the pilot sessions and her aim of achieving the degree has become successful and  she has added one more feather to the cap. Gul was busy learning her pilot sessions for quite sometime and it’s after hardwork of all these months that she has finally managed to be victorious.

Gul Panag is now a qualified pilot which means she can now officially fly private planes. The actress took to Instagram to share a picture of her flying licence and received amazing response soon after. And we must tell Gul Panag, You inspire us and really, sky is not the limit.

Gul Panag flooded her Instagram account with images of herself in the uniform, flaunting what she had achieved and everyone including us are super proud of the lady achieveing her dreams and bieng successfull in everything as many of us dream to achieve certain heights but are skeptical if our age will permit us but Gul Panag who turned politician has surpassed all such fears.

Gul has been missing from the Bollywood these days. Just when we were wondering where the actress has disappeared suddenly, we see this news.

What a wonderful country India is, time again the Women of this country have proven that if given a chance they can play the any role they want to and with equal dedication as they play other roles. Hats off!

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