Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat beaten up and attacked with tear gas in her Paris appartment .

Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat and her male partner was tear gassed and beaten up last weekend in Paris by masked assailants, local police told the APF new agency on Thursday. on her twitter account, however does not give any confirmation about the attack on them. mallika and her fellow male partner told the Paris cops that they were gassed and punched on their faces the lobby of their apartment by the masked man who tried to snatch the handbag of the actress. The attack was first reported in British daily newspaper and other international websites.

The apartment is close to the hotel of reality TV star Kim Kardashian was robbed at the gun-point in October. Mallika Sherawat has not said anything about the incident and have not even given any confirmation about the incident, she has been tweeting as usual and has traveled from Paris to Geneva on 12th November.

the masked intruders sprayed tear gas on both of them before punching them and then the attacked escaped the point, Mallika Sherawat and her male partner then called for a emergency service was reported in the French Publication. The robbers tried alot to take away the actress’s handbag but they did not get anything and ran away empty handed. The mysterious investigators cannot understand how did the robbers just ran away empty handed, a source from the investigation team told the APF agency.

A weekend in Geneva, Mallika tweeted. Since then she tweets as she used to do.

Mallika is regular at prestigious cannes film festival, divides her time between the two countries, India and Los Angeles. She like spending her time in Paris too. While talking she told variety that she feel too depressed in the society of her home country, by the kind of the treatment that is given to women .

Mallika’s first debut film in bollywood was Khawish in the year 2003. Later she did Ugli aur Pagli, Murder, Double Dhamaal and Pyaar ke side effects. She has acted in hollywood movies as well like Hiss in 2009, The Myth with Jackie Chan. She did DIrty Politics which released last year.

Hoping that Mallika Sherawat is safe and okay.

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