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BJP leader Sakshi Maharaj blames Muslim community for population boom in India.

On Friday, BJP leader and controversial MP Sakshi Maharaj at a public event in Meerut had a communal tone while…

By Administrator in News on January 7, 2017

On Friday, BJP leader and controversial MP Sakshi Maharaj at a public event in Meerut had a communal tone while speaking on the topic of population explosion in the country. While he addressed noticeable by everyone that he indirectly pointed on the Muslim community. After the Election Commission implemented the Model Code of Conduct, the alleged hate speech comes just days after that.

Maharaj played it safe he did not directly mention the community but stated, ” The rise in population is not because of Hindu community instead because of the community which supports the concept of four wives and 40 children.” He even added that it isn’t right for a mother to treat as a productive machine. Any mother may it be Hindu or Muslim should be respected. Arguing with the Government to end the ‘triple talaq’ right now and this is a good time was one more point of him. While, the BJP leader was there to inaugurate a temple in the city of Uttar Pradesh.

Maharaj has made a very strong point in front of media to Uniform Civil Code (UCC) which is right and should be implemented as soon as possible. Sakshi Maharaj disagrees to the media reports that he had directly pointed on to the Muslim community. He feels he is misquoted. The opposition party Congress minister believes that Maharaj has quoted wrongly on a community and he should not be taken lightly the Supreme Court has to interfere in the matter.

Lastly what Sakshi Maharaj had to say is that he did not try to offend a community he just stated that it isn’t fair for a man to have four wives, 40 children, and three divorces then the population has to increase. He also made a statement that he and his four brothers should get awarded because they are celibate.

Here is the video where BJP leader Sakshi Maharaj another controversy.

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