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Bigg Boss 10: Gauahar Khan Lashes Out At KRK For Putting Wrong Allegations On VJ Bani!

Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 will be last episode as tomorrow is the Grand Finale of the show. In last days also there were fights between Bani and lopa. Bani lashes out lopa after watching her journey video. The top 4 contestants are Lopamudra RautVJ BaniManu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar. Viewers are guessing that who will win the show from these 4. The audience are posting their views on social media, among them one is Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK.
KRK is known for his controversial statements he addressed all the Bigg Boss voters as “idiots”. Before Rohan’s eviction he thought that Rohan will be the winner but his guess work went wrong. After Rohan was evicted he tweeted and said VJ Bani will win the show and it’s fixed.

Here is his tweet:

KRK even accused the channel of being partial to the celebrities. He tweeted and said it’s 100℅ confirmed that Bani is fixed because Viacom don’t want to give their prize money to anyone else.
To prove his earlier tweet, he said “Viacom artist Ashutosh Came in Bigg Boss 2 and won. Viacom artist Bani came in season 10 and will win. Well, these allegations have upset Gauhar Khan, best friend of VJ Bani. Gauhar Khan is the winner of BB 7. Gauhar Khan slammed KRK on Twitter as he made allegations.

Gauhar Khan tweeted:

Well all these allegations are right or wrong we will be knowing tomorrow. So keep these things aside and just watch Bigg Boss 10. As the voting lines are closed at 10 am.So now votes will be counted and will get the winner of Bigg Boss 10 tomorrow.

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