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Bigg Boss 10 Fans Says Their Votes Are Getting Diverted. It's Shocking!

Bigg Boss reality show is the controversial show and today it is celebrated the most. A huge number of people…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on January 15, 2017

Bigg Boss reality show is the controversial show and today it is celebrated the most. A huge number of people watch this show and loves it, The show deals with human behaviour and tests psychology. But the contestant always believe that the show has been scripted one. We were still dealing with that incident and new incident came to us i,e the voting system!
From past some years there has been a debate on the authenticity of the show because some of the celebrity contestants have said that whatever is happening inside the Bigg Boss house is all decided. Evictions, and even the winner is decided from first. But now there are discussions on the Internet telling that the voting system of the show is against the votes.
Some of the people said on Twitter that their votes were diverted to other contestants. They said that their votes for VJ Bani were going to Monalisa, and if they vote for Rohan Mehra vote goes for VJ Bani. They even proved it by posting the screenshots of all the messages. After sometime other people came and said their votes are redirected even if they are voting to another contestant and not Bani but their votes are going to VJ Bani. Now all the fans of the show are thinking that the makers of the show are doing something mischieve and makers are diverting their votes.

Here are some of the tweets:

In this tweet we can see the service is unavailable.

This tweet we can see the fan of Rohan is voting him but his vote is gone for VJ Bani.

Here we can see Bani’s votes are going for Monalisa.
As we all know Priyanka jagga was thrown out of the house by Salman Khan. After she went out she said that the Bigg Boss show is scripted. Then the ex-contestant of Bigg Boss from 8th season Diandra Soares said to all the fans to stop “wasting their money” on voting as everything is already decided.
After all this has happened all the fans are also confused and we also think that something fishy is surely going on.

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