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Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Swami Omji Has Many Criminal Cases Against Him

Big Boss season 10 is very interesting, as we all know this season has the common man and celebs. The…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on October 22, 2016

Big Boss season 10 is very interesting, as we all know this season has the common man and celebs. The show is about controversies without it there is no interest in the show. From the category of a common man, we have Swami Omji, the Godman of Big Boss. Swami is also known as Vinodanand Jha. In the show, Swamiji is not leaving a single chance to stay in the news through his bad behavior with all the women and using bad language in the Big Boss house.

The Godman failed to ought to do all this considering his criminal records that have come back to light-weight whereas he’s making an attempt to make some limelight through the show. He stole bicycle illegally and weapons saver might even find himself in jail for not coming in the court, is already in news except for a foul reason.

Not only this, the Godman of Big boss i.e, Swamiji slapped a woman on the TV show a few days back we got the video of it and it went viral on the Internet. You may watch the video.

Well, Swami Omji is trying his best to make an impression in the show and grab the attention towards him with his bad behavior. Omji wants the audience to believe that he is so innocent, but actually he is not. Swamiji even gave killing threats to Kejriwal the CM of Delhi. His own family members have charged many cases against him. His own brother filed a case against him in November 2008 for stealing the Bicycle. Swamiji had a court hearing two days before the premier of Big Boss. Now it looks like so soon Omji will be in jail as nobody had come to help him in the court, no one took his case. As per the news, swami has six brothers and four sisters each one of them has filed a case against him.

Wow!!!! this is GODMAN of Big Boss 10. We can surely tell that season 9 there is not a single contestant with these many cases. What a great contestant we have in season 10.

Please do share your thoughts, what you all guys think will Swamiji stay long in the Bigg Boss 10 house?

Image Source: Bigg.Boss10 Twitter Profile

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