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BIG NEWS: PM Modi plays ‘Masterstroke’ manages to seize Dawood Ibrahim’s property in UAE.

BJP government is being criticized from the day he announced about ban on currency notes of Rs 500 & 1000….

By Administrator in News on January 5, 2017

BJP government is being criticized from the day he announced about ban on currency notes of Rs 500 & 1000. After which big businessman have been caught in the black money case from North to South no one has been left by the Income Tax Department. While this time Prime Minister hit the ‘Masterstroke’ which was very much needed out of the current situation.

On Wednesday, BJP cited a media report, Dawood Ibrahim properties seized by the United Arab Emirates worth Rs 15000 crores was a major success for PM Narendra Modi. Dawood Ibrahim has always been known as a ‘Mumbai ka Don’ he tops the most wanted list. The reported action against Dawood Ibrahim was based on a dossier provided by the Indian government to UAE, the party claims in a tweet. As soon as the reports came from the UAE government of seizing the assets of Dawood worth Rs 15000 crore, there were immediate reactions by the party.

On Tuesday Zee Media claims that Dawood had an investment in properties, hotels, and shares in top rung companies in UAE. After his money was caught all the property od Dawood has been seized by the UAE government. A confidential list was passed y India after which the UAE government had started keeping a check on the properties of Dawood in Dubai.

Here is how the BJP party announced the whole case on Twitter.

In Dubai, Dawood’s brother company named “Golden-box” was listed as one of the properties in the list by UAE government after they received a dossier by India. Dawood Ibrahim, 59 has been tracked from two decades by Indian Govt and finds him to be in Karachi, Pakistan. He not only has property in Dubai investments in Morocco, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Thailand and UK are also on the list.

Efforts are still on, for Dawood to bring to India’s court of law.

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