Marriage is the biggest institution in India and it doesn’t apply only to humans and it was evident when over 5000 guests in Uttar Pradesh’s Kaushambi district attended a ‘Big Fat Dog Wedding’ and this is what you call IndianismWe Indians are a great believer in the holy tradition of marriage, so why should animals be deprived of this ritual? Apparently, this is what the people of Pawara village of Kaushambi district of Uttar Pradesh were thinking because they just hosted a grand wedding for two dogs.

Some owners change their lives to work at home – or not to work at all – so their dogs don’t have to be home alone all day. We’ve been deep in this world for a long time, observing the growing tide of dogs who are treated like kings, queens, sons, daughters, and best of all – just beloved dogs.

We aren’t making all this up. Watch it to believe it:



In fact, over 5000 people were guests at this unusual wedding, which was carried out according to Hindu rituals. Even the attendees entered the wedding venue in typical baraati style by dancing to the tunes of Bollywood songs. While the ‘groom’ Shagun belongs to a man called Basant Tripathy, the ‘bride’ Shaguniya is from Jung Bahadur’s household, according to media reports. Both the bride and groom were finely dressed despite being unaware about the hullabaloo around them.


Perhaps the most astonishing part of the whole affair was that Jung Bahadur even started sobbing like a typical Indian father when he gave away Shaguniya during the vidaai ceremony. Jung Bahadur gave a tearful send off to Shaguniya, who departed along with her groom in a car, and wished the couple a ‘happy married life’. Click on the link below to view the video:


How funny is it? On top of that more than 5000 guests big fat dog wedding  in UP is definitely “Indianism”.

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Featured image source: twitter