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Bengaluru woman killed 8 puppies to teach their mother ‘A lesson’

A woman in Bengaluru was booked for allegedly killing eight puppies that were born in a drain near her house….

By Administrator in News on March 25, 2016

A woman in Bengaluru was booked for allegedly killing eight puppies that were born in a drain near her house. A four-year-old female stray dog that grew up among the residents of Lane No. 3, Krishnanagar, off Tumkur Road, have cast a pall of gloom over this locality of mostly ex-servicemen. Residents are haunted by the memory of the dog digging her 15-day-old puppies out of their graves and trying to nurse them. The woman, identified as Ponnamma, allegedly flung the puppies onto a boulder. Her neighbors alleged that the woman killed the puppies to teach their mother a lesson for giving birth to the litter near her house.

Now she wanders around the neighbourhood in Krishnanagar in Bengaluru, wailing and mourning for them.

The residents are true animal lovers who not only take care and feed their own dogs but also the stray dogs in the locality. The dogs even share their meals. So, what went so wrong when Ammu gave birth to her eight pups?


Her only fault was to litter under the drain of Ponnamma’s resident gate, who is the wife of an ex-honorary flight lieutenant. It is because of this reason Ponnamma took this gruesome step to catch hold of each and every pup and bash them against the strong boulders mercilessly in front of their helpless mother, killing them. Though the eighth one survived, yet the little one could hold on to life only till the next day. The outraged residents filed a complaint with Cupa (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action) on March 17, and the same day, the NGO registered a complaint against Ponnamma with the Peenya police.

The accused, however, dismissed the allegations saying she saw two of the puppies lay dead and left them there.

“Can I kill them this way? There were seven pups, two lay dead here, I just saw them and left them there. The other two were taken away by their mother. Yes, I left the dead puppies, the second day, she left the dead puppies here. When the BBMP car came, I put the dead puppies there. These people are irritating me,” she said.


She was arrested under Section 429 in The Indian Penal Code and released later on bail. The police have seized crucial footage from a CCTV camera near Ponnamma’s house. The Peenya police have registered a case under Section 93 of the Karnataka Police Act (punishment for cruelty to animals) and Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and IPC Section 429. If proved guilty, she could end up in prison for up to five years.



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