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Bengaluru witnesses mass molestation of women on New Year eve despite of 1500 policeman present.

2017 was welcomed by the country with all the fun and blast. Apparently at the same time for people living…

By Administrator in News on January 2, 2017

2017 was welcomed by the country with all the fun and blast. Apparently at the same time for people living in Bengaluru this New Year eve turned to be a shame. The city which has always been known for its cleanliness that night got dusty. On Saturday night, last night of 2016 woman on road with a sense of security satisfying their mind that there are policemen all around.

1500 policeman were appointed on duty in the two famous streets of Bengaluru MG road and Brigade road which saw thousands of people on the roads that night.The deadline was extended till 2 am this year for partying. Men mobbing the revelers, and groping and trash talking the women in the streets were witnessed by the people on the streets watching the bad act happening in front of them.

Women were forced to take off their stilettos and run for help.

The policeman was appointed in a large number to safeguard the women and for no case of drink-drive. Free from any unpleasant incident was the motto but when they could clearly watch women getting molested by men how could they not take any action against the situation at that point of time.

Here are some tweetarti on the tweet by Bangalore Mirror stating that- it only knows hooliganism.

The unruly men on bikes, in cars, on road again gave us an undefined statement that the police cannot control them on the New Year eve. Bengaluru city as a whole has to bear the shame because of some men. The police in general denied of getting any calls against molestation that day. There were some narrated stories by police personnel of chasing away men trying to take advantage of women. There were no strict rules followed by the citizens nor the policeman. Delhi isn’t the only city which is unsafe.

Who should be blamed now? Only girls?

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