Every day in a newspaper we see about the instances of crime or something viral on the internet. There are crimes from robberies, murders, child abuse, rapes and these crimes make us believe that the world is becoming a horrible place to live.

Brave Men Of Bengaluru Rescue A Woman Stuck In A Drowning Car

However, there are few incidents which impress a faith in us of humanity. We came across the incident of Bengaluru where 4 men rescued a woman from a drowning car. From past few weeks, there is a heavy rainfall in Bengaluru because of which the infrastructure of the city is in danger.

We are talking about the incident which occurred on Friday night near the Nayandahali Circle on Mysuru road. There was a heavy rainfall in the evening because of which there was a traffic jam and many cars were drown.

One of the videos is going viral on the Internet, in which a woman is seen saved from a half drown car. The hood of the car was almost drowned inside the water.

Check Out the video in which the women is saved by the 4 men.

As per the reports by NDTV, the woman was stuck in the car when the public saw her asking for help. The water was so deep in that area, then also 4 people jumped into the water and saved the women.

From past few weeks, the rains and potholes in Banglore have taken many lives of people, we try to find a bit of silver lining in the dark. The 4 people who saved the women have made us proud and they prove that humanity still exists.