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7 Beauty Tips For That Gorgeous Wedding Day Glow!

Every girl dreams of looking perfect on her wedding day with flawless, radiant skin. Here are Top 6 must follow tips for…

By Administrator in Skin on March 27, 2016

Every girl dreams of looking perfect on her wedding day with flawless, radiant skin. Here are Top 6 must follow tips for that wedding day glow that will ensure you’re the most radiant bride around.

1. Get Regular Facials


Book yourself a monthly pamper session in the months leading up to the big day. This will help keep your skin clear, since acne still poses a problem in your twenties, fight blackheads and give you that much-coveted glow. It helps boost circulation and revitalize your skin.

2. Load Up On Watermelons & Cucumber


No matter what your skin type, it craves water. Downing glasses of H20 helps keep it hydrated and so does snacking on watermelons. It’s yummy, refreshing and will help give you that radiance from within. Other hydrating foods are cucumber and grapefruit.

3. The Can’t-Skip Skin Care Steps


Exfoliating is a must to improve your skin’s texture and keep it smooth. Exfoliate once a week to slough away dead cells, keep blackheads at bay, shrink pores and keep your skin soft and smooth. Moisturizing daily is another non-negotiable step for supple, healthy skin. Make sure your moisturizer suits your skin – it should be oil-free if you have acne prone skin and fragrance-free for sensitive skin. Also, remember that sunblock is absolutely necessary for the overall health of your skin.

4. Beauty Sleep

Caucasian woman sleeping in bed

Your skip repairs itself while you sleep. No matter how much you do for your skin, all those treatments and products won’t be effective if you don’t get in your 8 hours of shut-eye. So make it a point to switch off from all the wedding planning and relax at night. Sleep is super important to help your skin look fresh and healthy and to fight dullness.

5. Bye Bye Alcohol


Stay away from booze starting from 2 weeks before the festivities begin. Alcohol will make you look puffy, and your skin dull and tired. Swap a glass of wine with a fresh green juice a day to keep you detoxed, hydrated from within and your skin glowing.

6. Homemade Face Packs


You can try a homemade face pack once or twice a week to really help give your complexion a boost. An effective face pack for brightening your skin is mixing a teaspoon gram flour (besan) with a pinch of turmeric powder (haldi) and adding a teaspoon of milk and olive oil each. Simply mixing multani mitti and rose water is also a very effective and easy face pack to try for a clear and radiant complexion.

7. Start Supplements


In addition to a healthy diet, it’s smart to start taking multivitamin or Omega-3 supplements. These are not only great for your health, but will also give your skin a boost and help with that glow. Supplements also give you stronger hair and nails, which is perfect for your big day. Do consult a doctor before you start a pill regimen though! Over-consumption is as much of a problem as under-consumption.

Get up start working for your that special day glow! Look fabulous, look stunning!

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