US President Barack Obama cancelled his meeting with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, after He described  Barack Obama in vulgar terms, a White House spokesman said on Tuesday, As a reported by India Today.

Rodrigo Duterte, a plain-spoken populist known for his colorful remarks and his campaign against illegal drugs in which thousands of people have died, described Barack Obama as a “son of a b****”, a day ahead of the planned meeting in Laos, where South Asian leaders are meeting for annual summits.

“President Obama will not be holding a bilateral meeting with President Duterte of the Philippines this afternoon,” National Security Council spokesman Ned Price said. “Instead, he will meet with President Park (Geun-hye) of the Republic of Korea this afternoon.”

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said In a televised news conference in Davao City on Monday, Who does he think he is? I am no American puppet. I am the president of a sovereign country and I am not answerable to anyone except the Filipino people. Son of a bitch, I will swear at you.”

Barack Obama learned about the insult as he emerged from the Group of 20 summit in Hangzhou, China. At a news conference, he said he had told his aides to speak with Philippine officials “to find out is this, in fact, a time where we can have some constructive, productive conversations,” leaving little doubt that the meeting would not proceed as planned.

This is not the first time that Rodrigo Duterte has used such language when referring to world leaders. He had used similar terms when speaking about Pope Francis, and an Australian missionary who was gangraped and killed. He later apologised to the pope.