The cricket player of Bangladesh Sabbir Rahman was often trolled on twitter with silly comments. Earlier Sabbir said that his team can easily make 500 runs in an ODI after this post all made fun of the cricketer. But it looks like that was not enough for him. And he is back with another comment which didn’t go well with the social media. In this comment, Sabbir Rahman compared himself with Virat Kohli and became a big joke. In an interview, Rahman said that he can become like Indian Captain Virat Kohli.

Sabbir Rahman Says He can be better than Virat!

As we all know that Virat Kohli is excellent on the field and no one can match his level and can’t even break his records. So, how can Sabbir compare himself with Kohli? This comment of Sabbir didn’t go well by the social media and they trolled him. The performance of Sabbir is not that good, in the 2nd test match against Australia in Chittagong he just scored 66.

Sabbir was happy with his own performance and said, “I can become a batsman like Virat Kohli, everything is possible. I can’t be compared to him; it is more important to score runs for the team.” 

On this comment, Twitter trolled him too badly. Here are the tweets check it out:

Joke of the year!

Needs a lot of Practice

Can’t become 0.1 of Virat

Kohli is always King


Photoshop se bann sakta hai!

Stop dreaming!

Virat toh Bahut dur Ji bat he

Wake up kiddo!

I have died!

No one can replace our Indian Captain Kohli. And nobody can become like him. No one will accept someone comparing himself with Kohli.

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