Facebook has become the common place for people to flaunt their personal belongings among friends, relatives, and the public. With this, a brand new showcase of personal prosperity has come. A Bengaluru based real estate broker named K Suryanarayana clicked a photograph with his wife performing the pooja of Goddess Varalakshmi. The picture soon grabbed the attention of social media stream.

Bangalore broker
Source: India Today

K Suryanarayana performed a pooja at his own place where he decorated the podium with huge piles of cash worth around Rs. 88 lacs along with gold pots. Thereafter, he uploaded the pictures on social media which eventually spurred the storm of public and media resources. According to him, he told that he offered a huge sum of money in an attempt to please goddess. According to a report by the news agency, the broker used 1.23 kg of gold to decorate his pooja sathal. After the photo started doing its round on the social media, people started to express their wonders as to how could he be escaped from income tax raids.

The same has invited debates and concerns about his income and the amount of tax he was paying. But, Suryanarayana replied on his post by defending himself and said that he has made this fortune working extremely hard and honestly. Moreover, he added that he withdrew a sum of Rs. 88 lakh from the bank especially for the purpose of pooja itself and used 1.23 kg of gold to decorate the pooja room.

Goddess decoreated with money
Source: India Today

Suryanarayana is said to the son of an auto driver and he initially started as an auto driver as well. He also claimed that he has paid an amount of Rs 13 lacs as the tax this year against his total assets of Rs 15 crore.

Image Source: India Today