Triple H versus Roman Reigns is turning into one of the murkiest WrestleMania championship matches of all time. As Roman Reigns does it again. He made his return after beating up Triple H brutally last week, Roman Reigns promised Stephanie McMahon that he’d dethrone Triple H at Wrestlemania. Triple H wasn’t seen throughout the episode but when he did Roman Reigns was waiting and took on him when he came to pick up Stephanie. The focus is back on the Big Dog, as Roman Reigns is headed for a collision course with the Game Triple H. The crowd is sure to boo Roman and the storyline could take some twists too.

Last week, Roman Reigns made it a night to remember as he destroyed Hunter to get revenge for the humiliation from earlier. He busted The King of Kings open and battered him all across the arena, throwing referees and security aside. The beating ended when Reigns broke a television across the Game’s back and it took the Usos, Jack Swagger and Mark Henry to finally do it.



The state of WrestleMania remains in flux, As the card stands, the show could really go either way it could be an utter catastrophe or a grand success. Most likely it will be somewhere in between.

At this point, Triple H is getting cheered for attacking Roman Reigns while Reigns is getting booed for his retaliation. And WWE Creative seems to want to ignore all of those responses and keep doing what they’re doing.

The WWE Universe has not other option but to accept this quagmire of a match for what it is. And their best alternative is to focus on the mid-card instead. That’s where the real drama is these days, and that’s where the most movement is happening on the WWE Power Rankings.

Knowing he will have to work a 20+ minute match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas, Triple H has upped his workout routine even more in recent weeks, as evidenced by his Instagram page. Along with having killer matches with the likes of Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler, The Game has been doing things like depth jumps onto 42-inch boxes to prep for his seventh WrestleMania main event on April 3.

Check out Triple H workout video:


Tonight’s #MidnightWorkout: Depth jump onto a 42″ box. Encouragement by @stephaniemcmahon @DeFrancosGym #DoTheWork

A video posted by Paul “Triple H” Levesque (@tripleh) on Mar 10, 2016 at 8:41pm PST

What do you do after #MidnightWorkout ? 15 rounds at 9am. #DoTheWork #Wrestlemania @Tapout

A video posted by Paul “Triple H” Levesque (@tripleh) on Mar 20, 2016 at 10:50am PDT

Triple H VS Roman Reigns is turning into one of the Interesting WrestleMania championship matches. Lets wait and find out what happens in Wrestlemania 32!