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Baby Born With Four Legs And Two Penises, Parents Called Him 'gift from God'

  In the southern Indian state of Karnataka in Raichur, a baby was born with four legs and two penises….

By Administrator in News on January 27, 2017


In the southern Indian state of Karnataka in Raichur, a baby was born with four legs and two penises. A baby’s parents described him as a “Gift From God” and accept him. The mother of the baby is Lalitamma; she delivered the baby at Dhadeasugure Primary Health Centre. She is just 23 years old; the parents want to raise him however he is because they are too poor and could not afford treatment.
In the country’s central Karnataka province the Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Science in Ballari which is 94 miles to the south, they agreed to give the treatment to the boy. His mother allowed him to be treated. It is Bangalore-based hospital who came forward to deal with the boy.
After the delivery of the baby, DR. Virupaksha told to TimesofIndia that, “It was not normal,” he added child was not being kept under observation. The case was very challenging for his team of surgeons, DR, Divakar Gaddi said.

Baby’s father is Chennabasava 26 years old; they stay in the nearby village of Puldinni. First parents were not ready for the treatment, but somehow they agreed to do it. The mother says its a gift from God.
At present the baby is at neo-natal care. It was a normal delivery and baby was born in morning 4.23 AM, DR. Virupaksha said this. After the birth of baby doctor immediately made arrangements for transfer to VIMS.
Dr Virupaksha added: “I referred the family to VIMS. I spoke to the surgeons there on Sunday, and they told me that the baby was being kept under observation. I hope the infant becomes normal.”
At VIMS DR. Divakar Gaddi is looking the baby, he said, “A team of surgeons is looking into the baby’s condition. It is a very challenging case for us.”

Lalitamma the mother added, “The doctors and members of my family advised me to take the baby to VIMS for advanced treatment. Now, I am hoping he becomes normal.”

Here is the video must watch it:

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