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Baba Sehgal releases a new rap song ‘Trump Ka Mania’ for Donald Trump goes viral

The famous 90s pop star Baba Sehgal has come out in support of  through a rap song. He recently released song “Trump Ka Mania” to support Donald Trump. After creating songs around aloo paranthas, chicken fried rice and providing advice on how hope is the dope in life, this time he come up with a video song ” Trump Ka Mania”.

Baaba Sehgal uploaded the video on YouTube with the message.”Could not resist doing a track on Trump. This guy has something in him which puts him on top of the charts. He may or may not become the president of United States of America but his popularity, temperament and attitude has already won him millions of fans.”

Watch the video of Baba Sehgal’s “Trump Ka Mania” song:

The video can be seen below with Baba Sehgal rapping and all the crowd in the background with some graphics. The music video has garnered over 70 thousand views in just four days. Baba Sehgal become popular in the 1990s with his hit songs “Thanda Thanda Pani” and “Aaja meri gaadi main baith ja”.

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