Alia Bhatt did not celebrate her birthday right away for obvious reasons! Alia was busy promoting her movie “Kapoor and Sons”. But when the Bhatt family finally came together to celebrate her 23rd birthday along with the success of her movie, it quickly became an emotional moment for her. Alia’s grandparents decided to surprise her by playing the Happy birthday tune for her. While her grandmother played a mouth-organ, her grandad matched the tune on a violin.

Alia’s sister Pooja Bhatt shared this video in which her grandfather performed the ‘Happy Birthday’ song on violin, featuring her grandmother on harmonica. It surely left Alia in tears this is what Alia’s sister Pooja Bhatt mentioned in the picture. And as the caption says Alia is seen sobbing towards the end of the video. She also made a quick video of the two playing their instruments.


Pooja Bhatt also shared a picture of Alia hugging her grand mom Trudy Razdan and captioned it: Priceless! @aliaabhatt celebrates her birthday with her stunning grandmother Trudy Razdan… 64 yrs separate these beautiful women! #legacies #family #familytree #blood #grandmothers #granddaughters #blessings


Alia also shared a similar video and wrote: “My grandparents wish me happy birthday in the most beautiful way couldn’t hold back my tears. #belatedbirthdaycelebration.”

Now that Kapoor And Sons has released and has won over critics and box office alike, Alia Bhatt is catching up on parties.

Alia turned 23 on March 15 and This is no time to cry Alia, dance in the glory and throw success parties!