Newest Momma Arpita Khan just shared a picture of her new born baby boy on social networking. In the picture we can see Ahil, is having the sweetest time sleeping on the lap of his grandmother Salma Khan. The picture looks adorable and is filled with love, care and family bonding. Baby Ahil, is seen wrapped in a yellow baby suit and grandmother Salma Khan, is putting the baby to sleep on her lap. The smile that is on Salma Mam’s face is priceless, as she’s holding the most precious, and a new person in their family. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and we’re sure they’re meant for sweetest and the most happiest pictures like these. The picture of Salma Khan and Baby Ahil, has reached the highest number of likes and comments, and this shows how much people love the little child.

Arpita Khan, captioned the picture on Twitter as saying, “Nani loving, blessed with the best”.

What do you think about SOOOOPER cute Ahil and his Nani Salma Khan!