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    Here are 6 reasons why we intend to miss our school life! *SOB*

    Children want to grow up fast and grown-ups wish to become children again. The strain that we are dealing in establishing ourselves in different facets of life is taking a toll on us. There are times when we sit back and think about the carefree life we had during the school days and now its […]

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    Here is how the ‘FRIENDS’ cast look to you and How they are now.

    ‘FRIENDS’ is an American television show which was featured 11 years back the last episode of Friends was aired on May 6th, 2004. There have been not only fans of this show in the USA but all over the world. It’s a comedy with an emotional touch the friendship bond is shown strong in the series. […]

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    This Cute Teddy Bear as a gift to First-time Women voters in Goa.

    Women will always love gifts and surprises may it come from anywhere. This year the Govt has taken a new initiative to make people want to vote. Call it like a bribe or an encouragement but this is affecting, and the people will surely come if you give them something as a gift just by voting. The […]

  • Desi Aunties


    5 types of aunties who are more entertaining than Bollywood movies

    In our Indian culture, there are some personalities without them life would be boring. Bollywood movies won’t entertain me so much like the Desi aunties do in any function or any get-together. Our Indian culture is diverse, but they are more diverse than that all will have their style of speaking and emotions. When there […]

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    Here is How much money you need to carry for a short trip to Goa.

    Goa after hearing this place what comes in our mind is the Beaches and Yes, I won’t miss it out Buzzing. Goa is a small place but surrounded by sea all over it’s a coastal plane nature’s beauty truly resides there. It’s been a travel destination and popular tourist place in India travelers come from […]

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    Here are few 90’s memorable movies of Bollywood which cannot be replaced anytime.

    Missing the 90’s era of Bollywood Hindi films which cannot be replaced ever. From Sunny Deol to Karishma Kapoor we followed everyone with their exotic charisma on screen. Being a 90’s kid I can proudly say whatever the 70 mm screen made me watch was full of art and talent which is not everyone’s cup of tea. […]

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    Here are top 5 Old Videos which went Viral before the Internet exsisted.

    Surprising & Shocking! Today you will need to take a trip back to the old times. We all have this thought in mind that the viral videos which make us laugh some even go irritatingly are only on Internet, but that’s not the truth. Before Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and another popular website there were videos circulated, […]

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    Here are 10 main things you need to know about Union Budget 2017-18.

    On 1 February 2017, the financial budget of the country was going to announce in the House of Parliament. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget 2017-2018 this is his fourth annual budget. This year’s budget is said to be a budget for the lower and poor class people of our society. A budget for […]