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    Here Are 7 Different Types Of People That You Encounter At The Airport

    An airport is a strange place where come across people from all walks of life. We have a weird love – hate relationship with airports, love when we come to go on holiday and hate when you see someone close leave. You can even say it arouses the best of emotions amongst us. In between […]

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    7 Medical Chamatkaar In Bollywood Movies That Will Make You Dumb Struck

    In the medical field, we definitely have made incredible progress but the medical chamatkaars that happen in the Bollywood movies is fuckin advanced for even mortals like us. Being a hardcore Bollywood fan, some of the scenes shown in the movies are beyond logical reasoning and they only leave you dumb struck. It’s only in […]

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    5 Obvious Signs That Signal You Are Missing Out On Your Sleep

    Getting adequate sleep is imperative for ensuring overall good health. Experts suggest that our body required minimum 6-8 hours of sleep for optimum functioning of the body organs. There may be times when you are up till wee hours working on an office project or may be watching the latest series of your favorite show. […]

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    10 Legendary Female Characters Portrayed In Indian Television That Still Inspire Today’s Women

    Indian television has always been women-centric owing to a large number of female viewership. These female characters portrayed dynamic, enigmatic and complex personalities that made us cry, laugh and hate along with them. It goes without saying that these female protagonists have successfully made an emphatic mark on the mind of viewers across the globe. […]

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    Here are 7 styling tips for every female for your first date!

    It’s your first date and you are excited and nervous at the same time. Well, this is quite natural and the mixed feeling is experienced by most of us. You want nothing to go wrong when it comes to going out for the first time with the man of your dreams. Girls want to impress […]

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    5 Fitness myths and misconception busted

    Most of us are aware of being fit and healthy by performing few set of exercises on daily basis. The fitness mantra is easy to follow and implement. Yet there are few misconceptions about fitness that you need to be aware of. These myths encompass everything right from workout regimens to following trending diet plans. […]

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    Bollywood song lyrics that will make you say WTF!

    Bollywood songs form an indispensable part of the movies. These songs add some substance to the story portrayed in the movie. The brilliant lyric of these Bollywood songs is what makes them still afresh in our memories. But behold, this does not hold true for the entire Hindi movie songs. There are some songs that […]

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    Here are 6 Essential Hair Care Tips For Fitness Freak Women

    Staying fit is the new mantra these days. It is extremely motivating to see people in all age bracket trying different kinds of workout sessions and diet plans to stay in the pink of their health. These healthy practices make you look younger as well with beautiful glowing skin. It is a welcoming change that […]

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    7 Wonderful Gifting Ideas For Your Dad That He Will Definitely Cherish

    Father’s Day is just round the corner and there is nothing better than surprising your dad with something really special this time. While dedicating a day is not just enough to express gratitude for all that your dad has done for you, this tradition is a simple expression of the love and respect that you […]

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    Here are 4 things you can decode, simply by looking at someones feet!

    This post might come as a surprise to many of us? Have you ever wondered that your toes can reveal a lot about your personality? Yes, this is a rare known fact. Foot reading is not new; it has been practiced for over 5,000 years in China. Experts say that there are areas on the […]

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    Here are 5 Bollywood Film Dads We Truly Adore!

    Father’s hold a very special place in our lives. The relationship of a dad with his children may not be very vocal or expressive yet it is a very special bond that is nurtured with endless love and devotion. So this father’s day TYM team decided to pay an ode to these standing pillars in […]

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    Here Are 10 Hottest Celebrity Dads Who Still Make Us Drool!

    Bollywood actors with their enigmatic personality and amazing acting skills have the greatest fan following. They are looked upon as the ‘Prince Charming’ for every Indian girl. Yet what makes these men even more attractive is the how they perfectly portray the role of a father, off-screen. These men have not only impressed us with […]

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    Here are 5 Bed Exercises For Lazy Souls! Who’s Gonna Be Motivated Now?

    Well, staying healthy and fit is crucial and extremely important. You definitely need a good workout session to achieve this, which implies getting up early every single morning. Now, what if you are simply not a morning person or let’s be straight that you are downright lazy. Getting out of your bed early in the […]

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    Here Are Top Scenic Train Rides Across India That Will Make You Hop On Trains Again

    Train journeys are almost forgotten in today’s time. Planning a vacation also rarely involves train expeditions. Yet we all have made some really wonderful memories while traveling in trains. Those picturesque landscapes that pass by amidst chitchats and eating yummy munchies are still fresh as ever. This post will make you want to travel back […]