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  • bipasha Basu

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    9 Engagement rings of Bollywood stars, which will make you go “Wow!”

    The tradition of giving diamond rings to the one who is going to be your forever mate for the rest of your life can be traced back in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave one the most expensive diamond ring to his fiance during their engagement. This culture of diamond rings is still popular […]

  • car


    Ravindra Jadeja meets with a road accident, takes the girl to the hospital.

    India all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja with his wife Reeva Solanki was involved in the road accident that took place on Saturday. The couple was driving along in his Audi SUV in their hometown Jamnagar when their car hit the two-wheeler from behind. According to the reports, it is identified that the person who is the victim is […]

  • hairstyle

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    5 hot and sexy hair colour trends of 2017 to give you a new chic look!

    Some honey brown, or caramel streaks, or an out-and-out redhead or an eye-striking ombre look, when it comes to choosing a color for your hair, you are just too spoilt or confused with a variety of gazillion shades and styles, where one is better than another, and you feel like colouring your hair with all the intensity […]

  • Facebook stories


    Facebook has copied Snapchat feature and made a key move to crush it..

    Why should Snapchat have all the fun? After Instagram has copied the ideas of stories and named as Instagram stories from snapchat, Facebook is asking the same question and Facebook is all busy testing Snapchat stories like featured and only calling them as Facebook stories. Facebook is taking a huge step to crush down the popular […]

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    Abraham wants to be in every picture, says father Shah Rukh Khan.

    Shah Rukh Khan may rule the B-town and also on the big screen, but Abraham is quite crazy o being online and everywhere on the social media. The superstar says that his youngest son Abraham Khan always wants to be in the pictures when his father clicks a picture of himself. The 51-year-old SRK feels […]

  • salman khan


    Twitter trolls Salman Khan after he said that Blackbuck had a natural death.

    On 27 January Bollywood actor Salman Khan appeared in the Jodhpur court and said that he was not guilty of killing the 19-year- old blackbuck poaching case and stated that the blackbuck died of natural causes. According to the reports of a daily, it was stated that the forensic reports of Dr. Nepalia died of the natural […]

  • bride


    This Bride shaking her leg at her own wedding hits the internet like a storm.

    We all know that the Big Fat Indian Weddings are all about dance, food and all the over fun, aside from all the ceremony and rituals. So it’s surprising to see all the brides shake their legs at their wedding and go insanely viral now and then. Last month a video of a bride dancing […]