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Atif Aslam stops his concert mid-way to save a teenage girl who was being harrased by rowdy boys.

The famous Pakistani singer Atif Aslam has gained too much of respect. While he had his concert going on Saturday, he stopped his show in the middle and took out the bunch of boys who were harassing girls. This incident took place in Atif Aslam’s concert on Saturday. Women’s safety is an intense and major concern that the entire world is fighting for. While headlines of abuse, molestation, and rape which are uncontrollable every day in the news. There are only a few people in the world, whose eyes will be wide open for this growing concerns.
Atif Aslam brought back some humanity when he stopped his performance in the middle and rescued a girl who was being harassed by a bunch of hooligans. This Sufi singer was performing at the DHA sports club in Karachi when he called our a group of rowdy boys and told them that, “tumne khahi ladki ko nai dekha hai, tumhare ghar mein ma ya bhen nai hai kya?” He then called the girl out on the stage and asked the organizers of the concert to give a safe place to the girl and told the rowdy boys that act like human beings and then resumed his concert.

The soulful singer received a lot of support from the audience and the crowd was chanting ‘Atif Atif.’ His action was just too commendable, and he will remember for a long time. By this of his, it also talks about talks about the man’s integrity and chivalry. Not only him but other celebrities have also taken up a voice against eve-teasing, molestation, and rape. Atif Aslam was much applauded on the social media and has earned a lot of respect around the globe. ATIF ASLAM!


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