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As A Beautiful Farewell Gift, Collector Drives His Chauffeur To Work On His Retirement Day, Isn’t it Amazing!

There have been innumerable news and incidents of authorities misusing their power over the less privileged people or their staff like subordinates, drivers, workers etc. But this can be called a trendsetter, G Sreekanth, district collector of Akola, Maharashtra, gave a gift to his driver that he may never forget throughout his life. Reversing the roles, collector drove the 58-year-old, driver, Digambar Thak to office on his day of retirement just ahead of his farewell celebration.

In the image captured, Digambar could be seen wearing his white color uniform and sitting on the back seat of the vehicle while the district collector Sreekanth was behind the steering. As per the Reports, he also held the door for his driver. This moment surely must have been a memorable one for the driver. Apparently, Digambar Thak has chauffeured 18 collectors around the town in his driving career and November 4 is reportedly his last day.

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On the thought behind this beautiful deed, G Sreekanth said that this was his way of saying thanks to the person who has made sure all the collectors of the town reached safe to their workplace. G Sreekanth  commented, “For nearly 35 years, he’s helped the state with his service, ensuring that the District collectors get to their workplace safely, day after day. I wanted to make this a day to remember for Digambar and also to say thank you for what he’s done”.

As Farewell Gift, Collector Of Akola Drives His Chauffeur To Work On Retirement Day

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