Arvind Kejriwal launched actor Emraan Hashmi‘s book “The Kiss of Life: How a superhero and my son defeated cancer” on ThursdayThe book co authored by Hashmi and Bilal Siddiqui, revolves around the actor’s journey of coming to terms with his 4 year-old son Ayaan’s kidney cancer and the long struggle that he and his wife, before their son was medically declared ‘cancer-free’.

Arvind Kejriwal Said, “I want to congratulate Emraan and Bilal for writing this book. More than that I want to congratulate Emraan over the battle that he fought with his son. I haven’t read the book, but from what all I have heard, I would like to say that Emraan’s son is a bigger superstar than his father.”

After Ayaan was diagnosed with the disease, he was taken to Canada for a seven-month-long treatment that was not only painful but also expensive. According to Kejriwal, Emraan was fortunate to be able to finance such a costly treatment, pointing out that not everybody was capable of doing the same.


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